Products and services


Factoring operations

If your company has a regular and continuous billing process with your customer base, you can count on an agile service that enables the company to sell its credits/receivables generated by their sales over time, with immediate receipt.
The agility of our operations, combined with a package of competitive rates, provides the customer liquidity security of their duplicates.
The great advantage of this service, compared to other lines of credit, is that the company is not making a financing, but rather anticipating the resources that the company has to receive.

Check Anticipation

MSA Investimentos has extensive experience in pre-paid checks, combining a series of services that facilitate the management of your company's cash flow.
Anticipated checks values can be used to pay your bills and other immediate expenses, the payment of a special check or unnecessary payments.

Foment operations

The foment operations focuses on the purchase of raw material, investment in production and working capital.
In this type of service, MSA Investimentos is the intermediary between the customer and the supplier, since it anticipates the resources for the spot purchase of the raw material, allowing the production to continue.
Subsequently, the customer will pay for these resources through the titles or duplicates from the billing of the goods or goods produced.
The great advantage of this service is that the company increases the bargaining power with the supplier in cash purchase and makes the payment after the marketing of its products.

Purchase of letters of credit with discount - Consortium

No matter what condition it is - contemplated, not contemplated, delayed or inactive.
Consortium of cars, boats, motorcycles and trucks.
We are interested in buying and our payment is cash.
Any type of property - residential, commercial, rural, seasonal, new or used, in the plant or land. Consortium even for renovations. The type of property does not matter.
Our concern is to provide a personalized service and help you decide on a fair value within their condition.